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They just require...

All of You.

Your Whole Being.


Unapologetically -



The most simple things are often the ones most easy to overlook.

At the core of You pulsates an inexplicable mystery.

The root of all creative genius.

The source of all that is beautiful.

Your SELF.

Its perfume is joy, love, and freedom.

When we move from here, we move with grace.

When we create from here, we create masterpieces.

When we lead from here, we lead with impact.

Success is inevitable.

Fulfilment is simple.


It's not easy.

To lead from here asks everything of you.

It asks you to dream beyond what you have thought possible,
and create visions for your life and business that set your heart on fire.

It asks you to fall in love with your gifts and your genius, 

and create your business to amplify who you are.

It asks you to dare to ask what you want,
and let your heart crack open wide to receive.

Sometimes, "next level" can feel so far away.

Truth is:

It's right here.​

Are you ready?



Welcome to High Impact Leadership.



The High Impact Leadership Training is an immersive eight-week online experience, in which you will learn how to powerfully do what you have come here to do.

High impact leadership ⏤ is your natural state.

And this training ⏤ will anchor that in your body and business.

What you will learn.

creating freedom

You will release layers of your personality that have outlived their purpose, and access greater freedom in your body, in your business, & in your leadership.

visioning bigger

It is time to not only dream big, but dream TRUE. In this training, you will learn how to establish a vision for your life and business that sets you on fire.

rocking Your gifts

Bring love, awareness and power to what naturally makes you unique. No more apologies, no more imposing: do You, and set yourself naturally beyond all competition.

moving The

You will be lovingly invited out of your comfort zone, and take the tangible steps required to move the needle and create more impact and income in your business.

magnetic energetics

Instead of "hunting for clients" or "hustling for success", you will learn to attune to the interconnectedness of creation and build your life and business from inner magnetism, joy and overflow.

the zone of genius

You are free to create without limits. Let your mind be blown by your own genius and begin each day with gratitude and excitement.

How do we roll?


Four dedicated practice calls to bring your learnings and realizations deeply into your body.


Eight weekly live modules, which combine potent teachings on leadership, energetics and business strategy, as well as practices and Q&A.


Exercises, challenges and practices that will invite you into a new paradigm of high impact leadership.

Plus a priceless cohort of likeminded leaders, with whom you will share weekly team calls, and a rocking and rolling community space on Voxer (in which I will be present twice a week).

We start In october.

And Who am I?

My name is Oliver.

I'm here to rock our world.

We have incarnated here from the disembodied bliss state of spirit, and that's where we will return.

While we are here - I choose to create a life that blows me away, and that makes me tear up with gratitude for being alive. I choose to feel turned on by what I create. And I love to see you thrive, as you do the same.

So: I am here to have conversations that change lives. To coach emerging leaders, and watch them become unstoppable. And to have a blast while we launch this rocketship together.

Before building my business, I held leadership positions in the financial industry and competed in martial arts. I am dedicated to my practice, and have sat silent meditation retreats up to 49 days. And I have worked with >100 individuals, who tell me that their lives have changed profoundly.

This is for you if:

You have done the inner work to know what it feels like to connect to something greater, and you want that deep sense of fulfilment, freedom and inspiration in your business all the time.

You are ready to lovingly take life by the horns, face the patterns that are holding you to the status quo and take leadership actions that move the needle.

You are earning your living by doing something you love (most likely: 5 figures or low 6 figures / year), and you are ready for more.

Patricia Imbarus Photography_ Oliver_11.JPG

You have a feeling that you are meant for big things, and you desire world-class support and a thriving community to unfold your potential.

I'm ready.  And you?

Investment: EUR 1,899 (EARLY BIRD).
(Increases to 3,000 EUR)



Before the Leadership Training, I was afraid to stand for the things I really care about. Oliver helped me become aware of this pattern and drop resistance against the magnetic power that wanted to flow. Now, I'm attracting powerful clients eager to invest in themselves and pay prices that light me up. I feel as free as I ever have in business and life.


Thank you from the deepest respect and honoring, Oliver, for being the best mentor I can imagine. The 30k month in June was really a month of being "fully on the table", and the Leadership Training was a group container I will never ever forget. So many moments of silence, tears, breakthroughs and celebration.


The Leadership Training was my 2nd extraordinary experience with Oliver as a mentor. I can't thank you enough for helping me to open up in so many ways. You made me remember who I really am deep inside, beyond all the limitations and conditions of the mind. I see endless opportunities. I found my power back. And I learned to open my heart, which gives me exactly what I need to powerfully guide my clients. 


Q: When will the program start, and when are the live calls?

A: The program starts on October 3rd, and the live calls will be held weekly on Mondays at 6pm CET. The practice calls will be held every second week, at differing time slots.

Q: What happens if I cannot make it to some Live sessions?

A: That's fine. Recordings of all sessions will be available. It is important that you watch them to keep up with the group and the energy we are building.


Q: How much of a time commitment is it to participate in the training?

A: You should plan for min. 5h / week: for calls, practices, assignments and important work on your business.


Q: What happens in the community space?

A: This is a very powerful part of our work. Beyond sessions, we will share a closed space for text and voice notes. Celebrate, blow off some steam, keep your vibe high and receive valuable feedback from the cohort and myself during the program.

Q: Do you offer payment plans?


A: Yes. Please contact me to sort out the details.

Q: I'm still not sure if this is for me ...


A: Trust your heart. And: feel free to contact me and explain your situation.

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