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A mastermind at the cutting edge of entrepreneurship and spirituality

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to have spiritual insights during plant ceremonies or meditation practice.


It is one thing to say that “we are Love”, or “One”, or that our essential nature is Spirit.


It is yet another journey, however, to actually integrate and live by these insights; especially if we wish to take them back into the world through our business.


If we wish to live from the heart,
we cannot compartmentalize:


Our life, and our practice;

Our success, and our alignment with Truth;

Our business, and our soul’s desire to expand into infinity.


They are all one.


They are all part of the same journey - 


Of the journey back home.


And as we begin to understand this,

And bring all these dimensions together -


We access deeper love.

We access deeper fulfillment.

And we access deeper success.

This is a Mastermind for entrepreneurs who support each other into deeper alignment while creating powerful companies.



Spirit, and business: go hand in hand.

With products and services that connect humanity instead of feeding the disconnect. And with companies that connect us to our soul.

Your heart's deepest expression,

Your massive success,

Your abundance,

Your courage,

Your joy -

Is all part of the same game.

You were born to do this.

And you know it.

A gift to yourself, and a gift to humanity.

Enter the Dōjō.


Welcome to the

training ground.

What is a Dōjō? 

The term Dōjō stems from Japanese, and literally means "Place of The Way". It is used to describe a place to train in Japanese martial arts, but also some of the meditation halls in Zen Buddhism. 

This Dōjō is a place to practice the swordsmanship of spiritually aligned entrepreneurship, to challenge and inspire each other, and hold each other to our highest lights - in service to love.


We are here to revolutionize the way we do business.

To raise the bar.

To build technology that connects.

To create aligned success and abundance.

When you win like this, everybody wins.

May all your dreams become a reality.


One monthly private coaching call with Oliver (60 min.), to unleash you ever more fully.


Plus a lovingly held community space, support and extra accountability between sessions.


Two monthly mastermind calls (90 min.), in which we challenge and elevate one another. 

Membership: 1,500 EUR / month.
Minimum membership of three months.

Call times and organization

- Seven group calls and three 1:1 calls over the course of three months.

- The format during group calls will be interactive. You are expected to step onto the mat.

- Relaunch in Summer 2022.

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