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⏤ Your Life, Your Masterpiece ⏤

Online Coaching Program


Hi, I Am Oliver.



I am here to remind us all that we must drop our armor to find true power, freedom and purpose.


For most of my life, I have been very “successful” without feeling myself a “success”. Meteoric career, but dissatisfied. Diverse relationships, but lonely. Plant ceremonies in the jungle, but disconnected from life. Every day, I felt as if I was fighting a battle.

It broke my heart. Being unfulfilled despite my success: that, for me, was the ultimate failure. I made a radical choice to leave everything behind, and finally found the answer to all my questions closer than close: inside my own being.

Drop the armor. Look deeper.

Once we learn to access our inner dimension, align with our Heart's deepest trajectory and begin to co-create with life, we become free. Free, to powerfully serve what we most believe in. To reveal love. Without limits. Successful, and fulfilled.

This is what I share.

I work with entrepreneurs and executives who are successful and want more out of life and business. I help them to move from "living a good life on paper" into making their life and business their f*cking masterpiece. 

Ready to unleash?


Kayvon B.
Co-Founder of Metric Collective (4x Inc 500 | 5000)

Very satisfied. I'm feeling unstuck, energized and more trusting in the Universe, and am seeing an almost overwhelming volume of opportunities appear since I became open through our work together.


Matthieu M.
Co-Founder of Paulownia Landscape Architects

200% satisfied. I have realized that everything is possible, and that it's in my own hands. I feel more fulfilled, respect and love myself more and am learning to embrace my fears. Work wise, a lot of new projects are coming in.


Peter O.B.
Business Owner

Really, really satisfied. I have a greater openness to change, am more present and connected to my inner power. Our work has been hugely beneficial in a very short period of time.

What my clients say


  • The cost for this session can be deducted from your package prices.

    1 hr
    350 euros
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