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Image by Anastasia Zhenina
The Quantum Leap

⏤ Empower your Heart, unleash your Impact. ⏤

A 10-week journey into the power source -
for conscious creators who are ready to uplevel their impact and income

NEXT EDITION: Summer 2022

You carry a tremendous gift on your heart.

You know it.

You feel it.

You see it.

You serve it.

It is here.


And yet - 


It is so easy to play it small.

It is so easy to be comfortable,

To be stuck in "same old"

and moderate success -


to not charge adequately for our services,

to not put ourselves out there with all we have.

To keep doing the things we know

instead of doing the things that move the needle, today.

The gift that you carry -

Is infinite.

It is your connection to Source.


And Life wants to create, move and express through you -

with Power.

In The Quantum Leap Program,

we give you full permission.

To dare.

To own your gift.

To step it up.

To let Life move you.

To stop playing small.

To make more money.

To have more impact.

Six weeks.

Ten live calls.

A strong cohort of like-minded creators.

One purpose.


The fire is on.

Just look:

It burns ever so bright in your chest.

Are you ready to step in?

What we will dive into


We will create heart-mind coherence to enable bigger dreams.


This is about charging prices that powerfully serve both you and your client.


We create clarity about the medicine you carry on your heart, and who can truly receive it.


Aligned sales: are sales from connection. 


Build a new offering that is in deep alignment for both you and your ideal clients.


We dive into the energetics that keep us stuck - business and spiritual growth go together.


We will kiss frogs, do the things that move the needle and be seen in our fullness.


We drive hard; and we also celebrate loads. Creating from joy.

Image by Rodion Kutsaev

- Six weeks.
- Eight live modules with Oliver Villwock (90 - 120 minute calls held on Zoom)
- Two integration and practice calls with Joren De Bruin

- A strong community of likeminded creators who ask the best of each other, and a structure to form strong and lasting teams to keep bringing it forward

- Lectures, guided practices and hotseat coaching / Q&A

- Homework assignments, workbooks, accountability and fire

- Feedback on assignments and loving support on our beautifully held community page.


Investment: 1,250 EUR.


Live calls will be held on Zoom as follows:

- Weekly Thursday calls (19h CET): 16.12., 23.12., 30.12., 06.01., 13.01., 20.01.
- Monday calls (19h CET): 03.01., 10.01.

- Bonus integration and practice calls with Joren will be scheduled during the program.

Recordings are uploaded into our community platform on the following day. If you cannot attend individual sessions, it is important that you watch the recording and keep up with the group.


What Graduates say

Forest and Moon Gardener

Life-changing. I have SO many takeaways.

I feel endlessly empowered to bring my gift to this world and create abundant income with it, and have more clarity in my life than maybe ever before. It's all about heart mind alignment. Bring it in, I'm ready!


Health Coach

This was exactly what I needed.

This program has everything in it: love, connection, trust, courage, a container for all emotions, a structure that will bring more clarity and empowerment. I loved to be challenged and felt safe to open up. Recommend 100%. 


Landscape Architect

The Quantum Leap was an amazing experience.

I became crystal clear on what I want to offer and who is my perfect client. The work we did immediately resulted in new clients and projects for me. I can only recommend it!

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