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Transmissions for Radical Self empowerment

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You are free.

Right now.

To do whatever you please.


You were born as an expression of the same creative principle that is moulding the Cosmos; and in this very moment, you are dancing with Creation.

Something wishes to be expressed through you.


And when you are still, you can feel it.





You want to build a thriving business from your heart?

You want to support other people to remember their freedom?

You want to attract an epic relationship?

You want to revolutionize arts & poetry?

You want to build web3?

⏤ Open the gates. ⏤

You are limitless, and powerful beyond measure.

All it takes:

Is for you to remember...


Let SHIFTS be your mirror.




Welcome to

SHIFTS is a series of daily transmissions, assignments and practices - for fast, deep and radical Self-Empowerment that shifts you back into your natural state: of joy, power, and limitlessness.  

Each transmission is up to 90 seconds in length, and will cut straight to the core of your being - with videos, interactive experiences and tools for your Self-empowerment.

This life is a tremendous opportunity; and so much love and freedom are available.

You are the pilot.


Welcome to the cockpit.



What is included?


Daily video transmissions, teachings and assignments, sent to you over the course of 33 days.


Access to five pre-recorded audio practices that will support you to anchor into your natural state of love and openness, transmute subconscious weights and take powerful action.

Investment: USD 111.


- All transmissions will be sent to you through email.
- You will have access to the videos for the duration of the course plus two weeks.

SHIFTS will:

- Teach you about the law of attraction, powerful action and the energetics of inner alignment. -

- Remind you of your natural state: of joy, power, and limitlessness. -

- Inspire you to dream in a way that sets your heart on fire. -

- Sharpen your focus and energize you on your path. -

- Support you to alchemize numbness, pain, and patterns of withholding love. -

- Help you to powerfully address obstacles and challenges. -

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